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Winterwarm Electric and (Gas or Electric) Hybrid Heating

As people are more concerned with fossil fuel use in the UK we are happy to introduce 3 new systems all by Winterwarmer and they are proving to be very good alternative to standard gas heating for commercial and retail buildings there is also cost saving to be made as well. There are 3 systems that can be used and they are highlighted below 2 are hybrid systems and one is just electric.

Electric Heating- A good alternative and a green solution for fossil fuel use (Please note that they use a lot of power electrically and are more suited for well insulated buildings) see photos of a recent installation our engineers completed, our engineers installed 7 x 30Kw heaters and 7 x destratification fans in a commercial building and it works very well.

Electric Hybrid Heating- This works the same way as electric heating but uses an external heat pump like an Air-conditioning system does so is very efficient but instead of using refrigerant the system uses water instead (New Technology) so it can be used for cooling also as well as heating. The system is cheaper to install than Air-conditioning as you don’t need as many units like a warm air heater so installation costs are much less.

Gas Hybrid Heating- Similar to Electric Hybrid Heating but the heater uses gas for the main heat cycle and the heat pump adds to the heating unit so saving gas usage which is a cost saving and better for the environment. Again the building needs to be well insulated for this system to work and non of the above are usable in a poorly insulated and old buildings.

Please contact us for more details or for a free quotation on all of the above on 01254 701800

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