Air Conditioning & Heat Recovery systems

Air conditioning has many benefits over conventional systems as it has the option of being able to offer complete cooling and heating in one system. It is quiet in operation, easily hidden away from view and efficient.

Air Conditioning from CK Services

A modern air conditioning system is far more energy efficient than they used to be, but there are a bewildering number of options available. CK Services can help you find your way through the maze to choose the best air conditioning system for your workplace.

CK Services 1990 Ltd. are a leading independent installer of Air Conditioning and Heat Recovery systems in the UK.

CK Services offer a complete design, installation and service of all types of Air Conditioning and Heat Recovery systems from all the leading manufacturers. We offer advice, support and installation services that are second to none. So why not give our expert team a call on 01254 701800 to arrange a free survey, or contact us for further information.

Energy Costs

Although a modern air conditioning system has been improved dramatically over the years, it cannot match the energy efficiency of other systems such as evaporative cooling. However, if your application isn’t suitable for those alternatives, the improvements make a modern air conditioning system viable where perhaps it wasn’t before.

Comfort Levels

An air conditioning system is capable of producing lower room temperatures than other systems such as ventilation or evaporative cooling, which may be required where product protection is the main issue. However, it can also more easily create drafts than the alternatives, and can also dry the air to unacceptable levels. Finally, because it recirculates air it often must be combined with ventilation to maintain a healthy environment.

Installation Costs

In the right application, a modern air conditioning system may be the cheapest option, but equally can be extremely expensive if incorrectly applied. At CK Services 1990 Ltd. we can give you un-biased advice to help you select the most appropriate air conditioning system for your workplace.

Air Conditioning and Heat Recovery Services

  • Split and multi split systems
  • Ceiling, wall or ducted formats
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Full reactive maintenance and service nationwide

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