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Evaporating Coolers are a good and efficient solution to cooling large spaces effectively. Evaporative Coolers work by drawing in hot air through a special water soaked pad on the inside the unit by a fan, the pads cool the air that is then blown into the building via duckwork or just a free blowing vent.

Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

Evaporative cooling is up to 80% cheaper to install than air conditioning, and only uses 15% of the energy – thus delivering a much more comfortable environment.


80% Cheaper To Install


15% Energy Consumption

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Energy Costs

In a direct comparison of air cooler vs air conditioner, evaporative cooling achieves an 80 to 85% saving in energy costs compared to traditional air conditioning. Of course this means lower running costs and a smaller carbon footprint, but just as importantly makes it possible to cool areas that previously would have been thought impossible.

Comfort Levels

Comfort isn’t just a function of temperature; oxygen levels make a huge difference too. Because evaporative cooling delivers 100% fresh air instead of recirculating, oxygen levels are high, promoting alertness, which leads to higher productivity, better and safer concentration levels, and a feeling of wellbeing.

Air Conditioning System

When it’s properly applied, evaporating cooling is significantly cheaper to install than traditional air conditioning, not least because there’s rarely any need to upgrade your power supplies. At CK Services we’ll give you as realistic comparison, so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Still have queries over air cooler vs air conditioner? Then give us a call today.

Evaporative Cooling Applications

  • Large Warehouse and Production Factories
  • Schools and Universities
  • Food Production and Bakeries
  • Cooling for many type of Building

Types of Evaporative Cooler available

  • Roof top mounted units
  • Side wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Portable units also available

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