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About Winterwarm Heaters:

Winterwarm has more than 80 years experience in the production and sales of direct and indirect unit air heaters including the recently introduced electric heaters. The Winterwarm unit air heaters can be installed in almost every industrial area and are effective, comfortable and energy efficient.

CK Services is a Winterwarm endorsed company of choice for both the supply and installation of New Winterwarm Heaters.

For further information about the current range of Winterwarm Heaters we can offer, click on any of the links below to view the relevant specification PDF.

Product Guides – Winterwarm

Winterwarm HR-series (suspended gas Heater)

The condensing unit air heater which combines efficient heating with energy savings and high comfort. The whole series complies already with the strict ErP regulations which come into effect as of 2021.

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving (up to 25% compared to conventional heaters)
  • SS Heatexchanger as standard
  • Option to suspend the heater under an angle of max. 45° (HR10- HR60)
  • Modulating burner and fan
  • Optional: control by 0-10 V or by modbus

Winterwarm HR EC-series (suspended gas heater)

The most durable unit air heater from Winterwarm is the HR EC-series. These heaters have not only high efficiencies as far as gas consumption is concerned but also have a low electricity consumption because of the EC fan motor. In addition this means a very low sound level.

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving (low gas consumption and low electricity consumption)
  • Most environmentally-friendly heater
  • Option to suspend the heater under an angle of max. 45° (HR10 – HR60)
  • Economical and quiet EC fan
  • Optional: control by 0-10 V or by modbus

Winterwarm XR+ series

A complete upgrade from the well-known XR unit air heaters which comply with the ErP2021 directive. A non-condensing gas fired heater with improved performance for a comfortable and efficient heating of industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Compact and reduced weight
  • Non-condensing (no condensate drain necessary)
  • Flexible airflow direction, incl. vertical
  • Inverted heat exchanger gives more even air temperature
  • Modulating burner and fan
  • Control up to 8 heaters with one thermostat

Destratification fans (WCU)

Nowadays buildings are well insulated. In this situation however, it is very important to achieve good recirculation of the warm air in the room by installing destratification fans. The installation of a destratification fan pays for itself quickly because of the significant energy savings. All WCU models are available with EC-motor which reduces electricity consumption.

  • Extra circulation of warm air
  • Temperature gradient drops
  • WCU IP30
  • Rendovent IP20
  • Stepless control air volume (WCU-EC)
  • Option: EC motor

Winterwarm EH-series (Suspended Electric Heaters)

Winterwarm presents the EH-series: an electric air heater for those situations where no gas is available or for any other reason an electrical heating appliance is preferred.

  • Tubular heat exchanger
  • Sustainable heating solution in combination with solar panels
  • Variable heating capacity
  • Control of 1-8 heaters with 1 thermostat
  • Protection degree IP00B
  • Optional: control by 0-10 V or by modbus

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