New Ambirad Heaters

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About Ambirad Heaters:

Ambirad has a vast product catalogue of commercial and industrial heating in the UK and offer a comprehensive heating solution for all types of building from a small shop right through to a large aircraft hanger. Ambirad Group are the largest heating manufacturer in the UK incorporating the following manufacturers and systems.

Ambirad – Radiant and electric heaters, Reznor – High efficiency premium quality heaters, Benson – Low cost and efficient good quality heaters, Nordair – Direct fired and large Air Handling Units, Airbloc – Gas and Electric Door Curtains.

​Ambirad Radiant tubes have been a market leader for many years and CK Services 1990 are approved installers of their heating equipment.

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Product Guides – Ambirad

Ambirad Vision Range of Radiant Tubes

The Ambirad vision range of Radiant Tube heater is one of the best and most efficient on the market and it is available in many types and ranges on both Natural and LPG gas.

  • VSUT – U-Tube radiant configuration
  • VSLF – Single Linear radiant tube
  • VSDL – Double Linear radiant tub
  • Please click on the specification sheet for more details

Ambirad VSX and VSO Range of Radiant Tubes

The Ambirad VSX and VSO range of Radiant Tube heaters are the most efficient Radiant tube heaters available on the UK market to date.

  • They are only available in U tube configuration but are 25% more efficient than standard radiant tube heaters
  • Both the VSX and VSO range of Radiant tube heaters qualify for the ECA- enhanced capital allowance scheme due to there added efficiency
  • Please click on the specification sheet for more details or contact us about the VSO

Ambirad COR/RAY & NOR/RAY VAC Multi-Burner Radiant Systems

The Ambirad Nor Ray Vac and Co-Ray Vac multi-burner interconnected radiant tube heaters are specially designed to suit the building.

  • They can be operated in zones so as only parts of the system will run when needed, saving on fuel costs and also making a complete and even temperature in any building they are all connected to one main flue fan which terminates outside of the building
  • Another plus point is with the Herringbone system is that if one burner fails heat will still be provided by the other burner units so they are ultra reliable systems
  • Please click on the specification sheet for more details

Ambirad Gas and Electric Plaque Heaters

Ambirad produce two types of plaque heaters both in electric and gas formats.

  • The RV and RZ are gas fired heaters and one of the best on the market with a long proven track record and history in gas fired plaque heaters
  • The Quarts are electric heaters and are available in many different sizes and available in single phase and three phase formats
  • The heaters can be suspended or fixed to a wall to spot heat areas where people are working saving in heating the whole building
  • Please contact us or click on the specification sheet for more details

Ambirad Smartcom 3 Control Panel

The Ambirad Smartcom 3 control panel is a very versatile control panel with many features and can be used on any commercial heating system.

  • The Smartcom 3 features, 7 day programming, day and night temperature sensors, pass code protection, holiday mode, high and low fire, modulating control, optimisation as well as remote temperature sensors can be fitted
  • Available with Black Bulb sensors for Radiant tube heaters

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