New Benson Heaters

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About Benson Heaters:

Benson Heaters are part of the Ambirad group, offering the largest catalogue of Retail, Commercial and Industrial heating solutions in the UK.

Due to Ambirad’s extensive range of heating products there is a heating solution to suit any type of building large or small.

Benson heaters have always been a trusted name in the heating industry for many years. The Benson range of heaters are a low cost, efficient range but still offer very good quality and reliability.

CK Services are approved fitters of Benson heating products. For further information about the current range of Benson Commercial Heaters we offer, click any of the links below or complete the contact form.

Product Guides – Benson

Benson VR3 Series of Suspended Heaters

The Variante high efficiency series of suspended heaters has a long proven track record over the years and this continues in the new VR3 series.

  • Available in 12-145Kw size formats and can be modulating to save fuel usage
  • Free blowing or centrifugal fanned for duct work systems
  • Bi-directional units available (air flow blows both ways through the heater
  • Fuel Types Natural gas or LPG

Benson ULTRA Condensing Suspended Heaters

The ULTRA high efficiency condensing suspended heaters are all ECA approved so capital allowance can be claimed back for ECA approved heaters.

  • The ULTRA is the most efficient of the condensing heaters on the commercial market and is the 4th generation of the series
  • Available in 23-35-50- 75-100Kw size formats and are all fully modulating
  • Fuel Types Natural gas or LPG

Benson Oil, Nat Gas, B10 Bio Fuel Cabinet Heaters

The Benson range of cabinet heaters are available in floor mounted, horizontal, external formats and can be adapted to fit in any building.

  • Available in sizes from 30Kw up to 375 Kw and can be specified for fully modulating, all Cabinet heaters are fitted with Riello burners as standard
  • Can be ducted and can be used internally and externally
  • Fuel Types Natural gas, LPG, 35 sec Heating Oil or 28sec Kerosene
  • Also available on B10 Bio Fuel

Benson SDH Condensing Internal and External Heaters

The Benson SDH and SHH range of condensing internal and external heaters is a good solution and the external roof mounted heater is a ideal for showrooms and supermarkets where space is a premium.

  • The SDH and SHH can adapt to any building and can include filter housings dampers and cooling coils can be retro fitted so it can provide heating via the gas burner or air conditioning through the cooling coil unit
  • All the SDH and SHH heaters come as modulating heaters as standard for maximum efficiency
  • The heaters come in sizes from 30Kw to 100Kw
  • The heaters can run on either Natural or LPG gas

Benson OUH Oil Suspended Heaters

The OUH oil fired suspended heater has been around for many years and is a good heating solution when gas is not available or LPG.

  • Available in sizes 30-100 Kw and all are fitted with Riello burners filter and fire valve as standard
  • The burner unit is concealed inside the side of the heater
  • Free blowing or Centrifugal fanned for duct work
  • Fuel Types Oil 35/28 second and B10 Bio Fuel

Besnon PV High Efficiency Floor Mounted Gas Heater

The VPC floor mounted range of high efficiency floor mounted heater has a fan assisted flue so horizontal flue runs can be installed.

  • Available in sizes from 30 KW to 130 Kw with a high efficiency rating
  • Can be free blowing and also can be ducted
  • Fuel Types Natural Gas and LPG

Benson Smartcom 3 Control Panel

The Benson Smartcom 3 control panel is a very versatile control panel with many features and can be used on any commercial heating system.

  • The Smartcom 3 features, 7 day programming, day and night temperature sensors, pass code protection, holiday mode, high and low fire, modulating control, optimisation as well as remote temperature sensors can be fitted
  • Available with Black Bulb sensors for Radiant tube heaters

Benson DS 3 De-Stratification Fans

De-stratification are a good way of making a new or existing system more efficient and can make a big saving on gas sometimes as much as 25% in some cases.

  • The fans reuse heat that has accumulated in the roof space through the stratification process as hot air rises
  • The Benson DS series comes factory fitted with a thermostat mounted to the side of the unit for maximum efficiency and there are various controls systems available

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