Service and Maintenance from CK Services

Our company provides a full service with regards to yearly servicing and reactive maintenance on all types of HVAC equipment with a full Nationwide service, all our engineers are fully qualified and experienced on the equipment they are working on as well as being certified from many leading bodies in health and safety and manufacturers.

Servicing from CK Services

From a small domestic boiler in a commercial premises to a large HVAC air handling unit incorporating a gas burner and air conditioning system we can provide the service you require including all the certification needed to all current regulations.

Regular service and maintenance on commercial and industrial Heating and Air conditioning systems as well as certification is a legal requirement in the UK, so if your equipment is not certificated as being safe you could find that the HSE will requested it is certified to meet current building regulations and in some cases without it could make your building insurance void.

Regular servicing can also save you money in the long run as it will make the system more reliable more efficient and faults can be rectified before the escalate to a point where the system needs to be replaced.

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