Senator International – Accrington

Large Warehouse Air Rotational Heating

The Challange

Our company worked along with Senator Internationals maintenance managers and consultants to come up with a heating installation for there new 100,000 square feet warehouse. The system needed to be highly efficient and provide a comfortable environment for the warehouse staff.

The Solution

The manufacturer of choice was Powrmatic who aided in the design and a TE 61 air rotational gas heater with modulation was chosen due to its high efficiency for the background heating and a smaller floor mounted VPC 110 gas heater to provide heat in the loading bay area to save on running costs. As well as modulation control the heaters where also connected to the factories BMS system.

The Result

This installation is also featured on Powrmatic’s Case study website please follow this link to see more information.

“We needed to give Senator a heating system that would maintain suitable environmental conditions for both staff and warehouse stock, while minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions”

Andy Smith

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