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  • EH Series Heater- Electric Suspended Heater

Winterwarm EH – Electric Suspended Heater

Winterwarm EH Series- Electric Suspended Heaters supplied and installed.

Size Range – (5kw-40Kw)

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Winterwarm EH-Series- Electric Suspended Heater supplied and Installed. 

Size Range – (5kw-40kw)

Winterwarm presents the EH-series: an electric air heater that can quickly heat industrial
or commercial buildings, as an all-electric heating solution or as additional heating.


In a gas-free location, the Winterwarm electric air heaters can make an excellent contribution to heating a business premises. There is a rapid heating of the room and an even temperature distribution, which leads to less energy consumption. The appliance has an efficiency of 100%: all the heat generated is distributed in the room.

The EH can act as main heating or as supplementary heating.
The 2-stage fan switches to low as soon as the room has reached the desired temperature and adds warm air as needed so that the room temperature remains stable and there is reduced draft

Installation and suspension

The unit can be mounted on the wall with a wall bracket or suspended from the ceiling by threaded bar. When using the design console, the heater can be tilted up to 45° to blow out at an angle and direct the airflow downwards. All EH types are equipped with horizontal louvres and can optionally be equipped with vertical louvres to widen and shorten the throw.

Extensive control options

The EH air heaters can be controlled by the existing MultiTherm thermostats from Winterwarm. These includes many features. The thermostat regulates the modulation of the heating capacity as soon as the desired room temperature is approached. As a result, the appliance remains in operation longer and the warm air recirculates better.

For more information or a cost for installation please Contact CK Services by telephone on our head office number – 01254 701800