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Refurbished Powermatic (90Kw) Suspended Gas Heater (NOW SOLD)

  • Powrmatic NVX 90 (90kw) 300,000 Btu Refurbished Suspended Gas Heater
  • Complete with an installation manual in PDF format, control panel and standard UK delivery
  • Our heaters are reconditioned to a high standard and are rebuilt from the ground up and new parts fitted then tested on our test area, they can be seen working if collected.
  • CK Services 1990 Ltd offer a full installation and commissioning service on new and reconditioned heaters as well as service and maintenance on heaters and radiant tubes nationally

Call for Price


This heater is now sold please contact to see if we have anymore in stock.

Heater Information

  • Powrmatic NVX 90 (90kw) 300,000 Btu Refurbished Suspended Gas Heater (On Natural Gas but can be converted to LPG)
  • The heater comes complete with a Powrmatic MC200 Control panel and an installation manual in PDF format, standard UK delivery included not Ireland.
  • All our heaters are fully stripped and rebuilt in the refurbishment process and many new service parts are fitted in the process, the heaters can be seen working if collected or requested to be seen working, we don’t just paint heaters and stick them on e-bay we actually refurbish them and test them as seen on the photos of the heater.
  • All our refurbished heaters are fully tested and set up back to manufacturers guidelines on our test facility in house at our factory.
  • If the client wishes and they can see the heater working in the factory before buying, please contact our office for more details and discount if collecting.
  • We have been refurbishing heaters for over 30+ years and are one of the UKs biggest and oldest at refurbishing heaters.
  • Due to the high standard we refurbish our heaters we offer warranty with all that are supplied or installed by our highly experienced engineers.
  • CK Services 1990 Ltd offer a full installation and commissioning service on refurbished and also new heaters.

Flue Size

130mm stainless must be used with this heater which we can provide at an extra cost.

Controls Provided

Powrmatic MC200 digital control panel is included in the sale, it is passcode protected, features day and night sensors, 7 day programming (3 per day) holiday setting and fan only function for cooling using the fan on the heater.


  • UK Standard delivery charges are included in the price excluding Ireland.
  • Collection can be arranged please contact our office for more details


  • Supply only – 6 months parts warranty subject to a commercial qualified gas safe engineer commissioning certificate being provided.
  • Supply and installation – 12 months parts and labour warranty when installed by our engineers or commissioned, we charge for commissioning so please contact our office for a price.
  • Any warranty offered must be supported by a commissioning certificate by a commercially qualified gas safe engineer with CIGA 1 (Indirect Flued Heaters)


  • This heater must be installed by a commercially fully qualified industrial heating engineer as per the installation manual and a gas safety certificate or commercial commissioning report for any warranty including CIGA 1 (Indirect fired appliances).


We can offer and extended warranty if our commercially qualified engineers commission the appliance.