Easthams Nursery – The Wirral

Reconditioned 60Kw Oil Heater Installation

The Challange

Our company had been looking after the clients heaters at a Garden Centre and Nursery on the Wirral Merseyside, after a service visit it was found that one of the heaters heat exchanger had many splits and holes in the heat exchanger as well as starting to become very unreliable with many lock out faults and we advised the client that the best option was to replace the heater.

The Solution

The client needed a reliable heater to protect young growing plants but had a very small budget after a poor growing season and could not afford to buy a new heater.

The Result

Our solution was to provide a fully reconditioned heater as a straight replacement and agreed to a pay monthly solution for the client. Our engineers installed a replacement fully reconditioned 60 Kw floor mounted oil heater as a straight replacement.

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