Image on Food – Market Drayton

Evaporative Cooler Installation

The Challange

Our company was approached to install a new evaporative cooler system for Image on Foods factory in Market Drayton, Shropshire a leading bakery company specialising in ginger bread men and specialist ginger bread cakes for birthdays and special occasions.

The Solution

The problem to be solved was that staff who was working on the mezzanine floor area where complaining of the amount of heat generated from the ovens and it was making it uncomfortable for them to work during the day.

The Result

The solution teaming up with our partners Premiair Comfort and Breezair was to install a Breezair TBA 550 mounted on the side wall outside and install a ductwork system which would provide cooling all year around directed at the areas the staff are working.

Our company installed the cooler and all the ductwork and the client was more than happy with the effectiveness of the system.

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